About Games Sanctuary

The Society Games Sanctuary was founded on September 15, 2010 in Geneva, Switzerland, its headquarters are located at 98, Route de Vernier -1219 Châtelaine (GE/CH). For any questions or information please contact us by E-Mail by clicking on the following link : contact-info@games-sanctuary.ch and is registered in the Trade Register at the following federal number CH-660-2736010-0.

It specializes in the sale of Card Games, Board Games, Dice Games, Role Playing Games, Figurine Games, Toys and Miscellaneous. You will find in these ranges of products the range games: classic, wood, atmosphere, investigation, solo, cooperative, collection, war, etc.

Our sales people are attentive and specialized in the range of games offered by our website. They will prepare your orders in the indicated times and in packaging conditions irreproachable.

Two ways to order for customers, click below for more information to your selection :

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Today we put all our know-how at your service to entertain you and to share good moments with your children, families, friends and confirmed players.

We will train you through many journeys or fantastic adventures related to your imagination or full of other diverse and varied worlds.

We thank all our customers for the trust you place in us and we wish you a good time with our games. Good game !